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Artist of the Week (June 7, 2010)

Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising
BMP: Tell us a little about your current group, list the members and mention any new or upcoming news.
Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising is currently enjoying their 5th year together with a full summer of appearances including the three biggest parties in the state of Oregon Ė the Portland Rose Festival, the Oregon State Fair and four days with 55,000 or our closest friends at the internationally famous Pendleton Roundup. 
Comprised of bass player and band leader Kathy Boyd, mandolin/fiddle/guitar player Tim Crosby, banjo/Dobra player Tom Tower and guitar/harmonica player Dennis Nelson (who is the current Roots Music Association Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year), the band focuses on two things Ė crafting songs that will appeal to a large cross-section of humanity and providing a highly entertaining stage show that will keep audiences coming back for more.
Our goal for 2011 is to expand our performance area and bring our stage show to folks who up to this point have only had the opportunity to hear our music on the radio.
Information about the band can be found at http://www.phoenixrisingband.org
 BMP:  What would you like readers to know about your latest CD?
Our third CD Ė Walk Humbly Ė was released on March 17th of this year (and is on the list of recordings eligible for an IBMA award in 2010!).  The twelve songs on it were all written by various band members.  What makes it an interesting recording is that each band member comes from a very different spiritual background.  For instance, Timís songs tend to be bible based stories where-as Dennis tends to write more about life experience. 
Having a gospel CD has opened us up to being invited to perform gospel shows and concerts along our travels, and that is proving to not only be a lot of fun, but is introducing us to a whole other listening audience Ė who may have never experienced bluegrass before.
We are extremely appreciative of the disc jockeys and radio stations who choose to share our music with their listening audience!
The CD is available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kbpr3

You can find all three CDís at http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/kathyboydphoenixrising    


 BMP: What other music have you been listening to lately?

A friend sent me a copy what may be the only CD Horace Scruggs ever appeared on.  Iíve been having fun with that and also with singing along to a CD given to me at a recent concert by a local Americana band called Hudson Ridge.  Because Iíve been doing a round of internet radio interviews lately Iíve had the opportunity to listen in on a variety of shows Ė which of course host quite a wide variety of bluegrass music.  Itís always fun to see whatís out there and what it catching peopleís attention. 


BMP:   What would you do if you werenít a musician?

We come from a variety of backgrounds including hospice, sales, mechanics, counseling and flying.  I have always held the belief that a being a musician is not something you do Ė but rather something that you are.  If you are a musician, the music is going to find a way to be expressed through you, whether onstage as a performer, singing in your church choir, or even by simply being the best shower singer you can be.  If itís feeds your soul, you are a musician Ė no matter what your ďday jobĒ is. 



BMP: Whatís your favorite summer activity?

I am a huge gardening fanatic!  Whenever Iím home Iím out in the yard.  I recently built a greenhouse, which is proving to be a lot of fun and very satisfying.  Iíve got ďthe gardening bugĒ so bad that I have been known to weed the flowerbeds of folks who have put us up as we travel.


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