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Burning Down the House

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KATHY BOYD & PHOENIX RISING: Burning Down the House


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Based in Tualatin, OR, Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising specialize in original bluegrass music and Americana. The band is experiencing phenomenal success with several songs in regular rotation on international radio. They recently guested on the internationally syndicated show Back Porch Music and they are already working festivals throughout the U.S. and Canada. Bluegrass fans need to give this group a listen, and Burning Down The House, their newest independent release, is a great place to start. ~ Wayne Bledsoe, Bluegrass Now

"Molly and I are really enjoying your gift of music! Burning Down The House is a fun CD, full of surprises. I hope your upcoming CD is equally as entertaining. I'll be watching for it's release so we can see the back cover "pond" photo. Molly and I really enjoyed our time with both you and Mark. See you on the festival circuit!" ~ Jeff and Molly Westmoreland

"I just listened to your "Burning Down the House" CD. Awesome! Sometimes the CD just isn't the same as live. You guys come real close to live in the CD and I just love that "Rhubarb Pie" song. Not only do you have a sweet Dobro moan going but also a great beat. I love the way you mix in stacatto licks and chops with the cool slide licks. I must play this song. Big Fan" ~ Tom Telford

Burning Down The House
This Portland, Oregon-based quartet has a love for traditional, old-time, Americana, string band music and it shows. Besides bassist Kathy Boyd, the band includes Tom Tower/Dobro and banjo; Tim Crosby/mandolin and fiddle; and guitarist Dennis Nelson. Each member also contributes lead vocals as well as original tunes that nicely fit the traditional genres they love. Kathy is featured on several numbers including the Dobro and fiddle-filled Rhubarb Pie and Mark Brinkman's moving She's A Stranger In His Mind. Other highpoints include Tim's written and sung title cut, Dennis's fiddle-led waltz Mourning Dove, which showcases his Hank Williams-esque vocals, and Tom's Black Diamond Strings jingle. This group knows where its roots lie and is keeping them alive! ~ Kevin Kerfoot, editor of Bluegrass Music Profiles
, January 2008

Listened to you CD on the way into work today; you are really great!!! ~ Pat Flores

Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising - Burning Down the House - THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINING!!!  If you enjoy listening to authentic bluegrass music then look no further.  This project definitely feeds our traditional roots.  The CD has all the bells and whistles of a first class production; soulful singing, flawless instrumental work and wonderful song selection.  I just loved the many original thought provoking songs that were contained in this project.  This project was entirely too short.  You had to listen to this CD several times in order to get the full impact of the fine lyrics each song had to tell.  My listeners just loved everything about this project.  I played the entire CD and most of the songs were requested to be played again.  I know I will be carrying this CD with me for many weeks to come.  Special kudos to Dennis Nelson.  When he sings "Mourning Dove" and "Angel Band" I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.  ~ Al Shusterman, KCBL Backroads Bluegrass 88.7 FM (Sacramento, CA)

Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising - Burning Down the House - No Label, No Number.  Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising is a four-member group from the Pacific Northwest consisting of Kathy (bass and vocals), Tim Crosby (mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Tow Tower (banjo, resonator guitar, vocals) and Dennis Nelson (guitar and vocals).  The dozen selections (plus a short bonus track) are mostly band originals and are reflective of the band's Northwest roots with titles such as "Twelve More Miles to Clatskanie" and "Deschutes Valley Home."  Other notable selections are "Rhubarb Pie", "Mourning Dove", and the instrumental "Flying Bear Breakdown".  Chris Stuart's liner notes are essential in that they aid in putting this project in proper perspective.  "Burning Down the House" is bluegrass at its best and certain to enhance the status of Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising. ~ Bluegrass Unlimited, October 2007

Burning Down The House ~ Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising
Song list: Broken Hearted Lover, Twelve More Miles to Clatskanie, Rhubarb Pie, Stolen Kisses, Mourning Dove, Flying Bear Breakdown, Western Girl, Angel Band, Burning Down The House, She’s A Stranger In His Mind, Deschutes Valley Home, Baby I’m Good For You, Black Diamond Jingle.

Bluegrass bands seem to grow well in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps it’s the weather or the rain, but Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising have the perfect combination of good musicianship and noteworthy songs. The band includes some talented songwriters and 9 of the songs are originals from band members. All of the band members are singers and Kathy Boyd plays bass, Tim Crosby plays mandolin and fiddle, Tom Tower doubles on banjo and dobro and Dennis Nelson is the guitar player.

Tom’s songs include the Northwest identifiers “Twelve More Miles to Clatskanie” and “Deschutes Valley Home” and both songs have that bluegrass old home place vibe and Tom’s banjo adds that extra sparkle. Tom also wrote the instrumental “Flying Bear Breakdown” that features his lead banjo playing joined by Tim’s fiddle. The fun John Fogerty song, “Rhubarb Pie” features Kathy’s lead vocal, and some winsome and bluesy dobro from Tom. Tim Crosby wrote “Western Girl,” in honor of his grandmother who journeyed west to marry a true cowboy. Tim’s warm baritone also embraces the strutting “Baby I’m Good For You” and “Burning Down the House,” a catchy song full of cleverly combined images– “burning up my body, incinerate my mind, leaving nothing but a smoking pair of boots behind” and “wear an asbestos suit, I’m an incendiary device.” “She’s A Stranger in His Mind” is a touching song about loved ones dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and is one of the album highlights. This is an up-and-coming band that is headed for a bright future. ~ Reviewed by: B Hough, California Bluegrass Association


Burning Down the House

Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising

This is the first CD project of this experienced band from Tualatin, Oregon led by bass player Kathy Boyd.  The band, comprised of four experienced musicians who have played with a number of Northwest groups, who have been primarily doing weddings, parties and family style events are expanding their schedule this summer to include a number of festivals and larger events.  Joined by fiddle and mandolin player Tim Crosby, banjo and Dobro player Tom Tower, and guitar player Dennis Nelson, Kathy Boyd anchors the group with her big bass fiddle.  Wile the group has produced a wonderful CD, it left me feeling that it would be even more fun to see them in person!  Their unique personality as a group comes through loud and clear in the recording but leaves you wondering what the "banter" includes between the songs!  Phoenix Rising's nice vocal blend combined with their excellent musicianship makes this a CD worth adding to your collection and more importantly, may motivate you to catch one of their many appearances throughout the Northwest this coming year! ~ Steve Derebey, Washington Bluegrass Association Bluegrass Gazette, Summer 2007



"She's a Stranger in His Mind", written by Mark Brinkman of Pickerington, Ohio, brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it. The song lyrics will touch the heart of anyone who has had a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease" ~ Jan Bailey


CD Review: Burning Down The House
Artist:           Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising
Label:           Independent              
Four musical business associates and a sound engineer in a recording studio for several months of dedicated effort has paid off. Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising have brought it all together with “Burning Down the House” and it is fun. The band members have written nine of the thirteen songs, which is a credit to a band with their first CD release. All members share in the vocals - leads and harmony with a good blend of voices. Song themes include messages close to their hearts. Band members include Kathy Boyd – bass, Tim Crosby – mandolin & fiddle, Dennis Nelson – guitar and Tom Tower – banjo & Dobro. Songs of note include “Rhubarb Pie” (John Fogerty) a tongue-in-cheek song about who knows what, “Western Girl” Tim’s tribute to his grandparents, and “She’s A Stranger in His Mind” (Brink Brinkman), Kathy’s sensitive treatment of the realities of Alzheimer’s disease. A bonus track is a fun romp; “Black Diamond Jingle (Tom Tower), a tune in honor of a sponsor of the band. “Burning Down the House” is a good CD, with excellent recording values, good tunes and a got-it-together band. Order your copy at www.phoenixrisingband.org. ~ George McKnight, Uptown Bluegrass


"Oh my DEAR! I loooooovvvvveeee it! In fact, I'm playing it right now -- and until someone complains -- I'll keep playing it -- how great is that! Thanks so much." ~ Cat Zimmerman, Alzheimer's Association


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