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        Photos and Fun Stuff 2006
                                       (life on the road with the band)


Road Trip!  October 27 - 29, 2006

Talk about a lightning strike concert tour! One thousand miles. Two Concerts. Three days. Four musicians and twelve hours of music. Kathy packed a great snack basket for the road. Dennis joined up after his night shift repairing airframes and power plants and keeping planes in the sky.  We picked up Tim and sound gear in Salem for a whirlwind tour in Tom's Phoenix flame red cruiser. Dennis, in his first road tour with KBPR, proved himself a real trouper. He didn't get to sleep on the road either and by the time we finished the show Friday he had gone some thirty hours without sleep and was positively hallucinating Bluegrass.

One of the great perks of touring are the wonderful people we get to meet and the places - treasures - we get to see.  Friday night we played at the Schoolhouse Cultural and Heritage Center in Talent, Oregon. Friends, if you are planning a wedding or retreat or conference get away or family reunion please contact Poppie. Immaculate grounds, elegantly appointed rooms, charm, history, and stories waiting in every room. We played an intimate show for an enthusiastic audience in the Schoolhouse auditorium.  Poppie, herself a teacher of ballet, yoga, and movement, danced in the back of the hall. She opened our second set with a story of the history of the historic schoolhouse followed by Tim's stately playing of John Hartford's evocative tune, Presbyterian guitar, on the Martin guitar Poppie had purchased in 1942 in a pawn shop.



We spent the night with the gracious hospitality of Gene and Cynthia Bach in Tom's ancestral home of Yreka. (Special thanks from Kathy to Laura for giving up her bedroom so Kathy could sleep under the "glow in the dark" stars!)  Got off to an early start heading for Clearwater Lodge on the Pit River. With some highway construction we only got a little lost and wish we could have recorded the cell phone directions from the Forest Service: "Do you see a mountain? A really big mountain? That's Mt. Shasta. You want Mt. Lassen."

We love playing for weddings and this set a new standard for elegance, good planning, sweetness, and comfort for all.  Professional baseball pitcher Adam Bernero (a home town Redding boy) and Katherine O'Hare shared this very special weekend with family from Ireland and a host of friends from throughout the United States. Irish eyes were smiling as the lilt of Gaelic accents filled the air. We found ourselves more than a wee bit carried along by the buoyant happiness and affection shared by all. We gave the bride and groom our own gift in song ("Take Me Out To The Wedding") written just form them and joined in chorus by all their well-wishers.

After we had stowed the sound gear and such we got to do what we rarely get to do - just play some music - not a show - just our passion. We settled into a little mezzanine above the reception hall and played the night away. All the tunes we love from all the phases of our lives and some by request of the bride and groom  who cozied up with us, snuggling backs to railings, so in love, and creating such a wealth of sweetly cherished memories.

We were still playing when the last of the guests drifted off to their rooms. It's not the first time the band has turned off the lights in an empty hall, played one more tune, and gone off to slumber with the melodies of the night still playing in our heads


Morning breakfast was wonderful communion with our new friends as they were overheard to ask each other "Now would you be singing with the band last night?" in their lovely lilts.   After several fond farewells, promises to stay in touch and thanks for lives that cross paths, the band hit the road North and headed back to Oregon.  What a wonderful final adventure of the year before going in the studio to record! (Review by Tom Tower)




October 14, 2006

There were 400 events listed in the newspaper for this date.  93 of them were listed as musical events.  What a treat to look out from the stage and see that so many folks had chosen to spend their evening with us!  This was our first concert with Dennis Nelson on board as our new tenor singing guitar player.  We discovered that not only is he a great musician, he's a very funny guy!  A note posted on a bluegrass listserve sums the event up best:


"What a great show Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising performed on Saturday night in Mt Angel!!! Kathy's very cool Eminence portable upright bass enables her to move even more enthusiastically on stage. This delightful evening was filled with lots of original songs. Tom Tower's song about Clatskanie, Kathy's hometown, was of particular interest due to the town's annual summer bluegrass festival. Tim Crosby's song about his grandmother's move to Colorado was beautifully performed.  And Dennis Nelson, who only has been with the band a short 3 weeks, played and sung like he has been playing with the band for a long time. If you get a chance to hear this energetic band, do it...you definitely won't be disappointed.  Hopefully, the band's debut CD will be released in the Spring so everyone can hear their music". ~ John Shafer



You just can't help but have fun at this venue.  Check it out at www.doranproductions.com.  We hope to be back soon!


September 22 - 24, 2006

One of the most beautiful places in the state of Oregon is the site of the Tygh Valley Bluegrass Festival.  Producer Deb Holbrook got everything right, including the incredible end-of-summer weather!  We had a great time meeting new people as we taught workshops and led the band scramble.  Our Saturday night show was a bittersweet performance with Tom O'Connor, who has retired from the band to pursue his career as publisher of Western RV News.  Sunday we had a riot of a time with special guest Alex Truax, and were pleased to be able to introduce our new guitar player Dennis Nelson!



      Special guest Alex Truax channels "Elvis" on guitar.                Kathy & Tom teaching "Rhubarb Pie" to

                                                                                                         the Dobro workshop students.



        Our new lineup!  (Dennis, Kathy, Tim and Tom)          Ya gotta love those             Check out the sign!

                                                                                    road side photo ops!


August 15, 2006

We are pleased that we are going to have the opportunity to make some music with Alex Truax as he sits in with us for a handful of performances.  Alex is one of the fastest rising stars in the Northwest bluegrass scene.  Just as talented on the guitar as he is on the banjo, he's just so darn fun to sing with that we couldn't pass up the chance to share the stage with him.  Catch him at our Sunday performance at the Tygh Valley Bluegrass Jamboree.



Tom and Alex do some banjo dueling       Kathy sits in with Alex and            Sharing some harmony while

                                                            friend Eric as "City Council"             Tom plans his banjo attack



July 24, 2006

Tommy came through his surgery with flying colors and is currently at home writing songs and getting (literally) back on his feet.  Click here to see read his "get well" messages sent by fans.  Click here to send a message of your own! 



July 19, 2006

A group of dear friends came together to celebrate banjo player Tom Tower as he prepares for hip surgery on July 24th.  Everyone was invited to autograph a shirt for him to wear, and to trace their hands and write messages on a "healing blanket".  Tom plays percussion with a folk dancing troupe, and after the leader taught us a dance she exclaimed that she had never led such a beautiful dance.  Not because the musicians could dance, but because they could all sing while they were "attempting" to go through the steps!  The jammers closed out the venue, and Tommy went home feeling quite loved and supported.  Special thanks to Ian of Equator Coffee for letting us use his place of business for this event!  Watch this site for news of a monthly jam that may be starting there in the fall!  If you would like to send Tom  Tower a message regarding his hip replacement, click here.  Thanks for your support of our dear friend!




  Friends signed a "healing blanket"      Gifts and wishes went from the        Equator Coffee is a great place to

      and special t-shirt for Tom                       funny to the serious               jam and spend time with friends!


July 15, 2006

We performed at a private wedding in Newport, Oregon.  What a beautiful weekend to spend at the coast!  We decided this was a fitting way to celebrate the anniversary of the band as our first performance was at a wedding a year ago.  There were a ton of little ones there, who ran in circles and bounced up and down on the dance floor all night.  (Why does bluegrass have that effect on children?).  The grownups all joined in when we did an extended version of "The Hokie Pokie".  The groom had requested "Man of Constant" sorrow, which Tom T re-wrote into "Man of Constant Fortune" with words specific to the happy couple.  The band autographed the beautifully matted words and presented it as a wedding gift.  The band performed a tune (in Bb of course!) with the Scottish piper who had played at the wedding ceremony.  It was LOUD!  Special thanks to Karl and Tracy for inviting us to be a part of their special day.  Here's wishing them both a happy ever after!





ROAD TRIP!  July 7 - 10, 2006

We started out with a stop at Cozmic Pizza in Eugene, Oregon.  What a fun and funky venue!  Best pizza you've ever eaten!  We "opened" for a movie called "America:  100 Years From Freedom to Fascism".  Our biggest thrill was the folks who only caught a song or two because they really came for the movie. . . . and ended up signing up for our mailing list! 

Spent the night in Roseburg, where it was "Graffiti Days".  Lots and lots of very cool cars!  We got to watch them parade off to wherever they were headed before leaving for The Prospect Bluegrass Festival. 

What a FUN festival!  There was a good sized crowd for this one day event.  We performed two sets and had a great time reconnecting with The Earl Brothers from California.  Saturday evening we did a set on the front porch of the historic Prospect Hotel (again, with the Earl Brothers) for the townspeople.  Ate too much wonderful food and had a great time.

Sunday Tim and Kathy snuck out early to go feed the trout, only to discover that they were tromping around on the wrong property!  Luckily, no buckshot came their way and they did finally find the pond.  After a quick breakfast and a fond farewell to our hosts Fred and Karen Wickman, we found a road to Klamath Falls that none of us had ever been on before.  Oregon really is a beautiful state!

We arrived in Klamath Falls, Oregon and after checking into our hotel headed over the The Ross Ragland Theater.  WOW!  If one gig is worth a thousand practices, this was it.  It's a beautiful theater, run by a great group of very professional folks.  The audience was incredible, clapping along and laughing in all the right places from the very start.  Afterwards we got to meet several guests in the front lobby.  What a wonderful bunch of people support the arts in Southern Oregon!

Ending the trip on the highest note possible, we visited the Dynasty Restaurant that shared a parking lot with the hotel they had put us up in.  THE OWNER TOOK AWAY OUR MENUS!  They kept bringing dish after dish of amazing food from their kitchen. . . . . stuff that wasn't even on the menu.  Talk about adventures in dining! 

Day 4?  We headed home and talked about where we want to head next! 

THANK YOU to everyone along the way who made this such an amazing trip for us.  We will never forget any of you!



  Tom and Kathy grab a               Tom T led the Prospect crowd in a             Sharing a laugh on stage at the

 bite before hitting the stage             rousing bluegrass version of                   beautiful Ross Ragland Theater

                                                             "The Hokie Pokie"


July 4, 2006

Best story from this gig?  When Tom Tower was gathering the children to do a bluegrass version of "The Hokie Pokie".  We decided we needed to get the adults involved too, so Tom informed the crowd that "doing the Hokie Pokie has been clinically proven to make you younger."  A poor little 3 year old immediately FROZE and refused to move for the rest of the song!  If dancing made her get younger she wasn't taking any chances!  It was also fun to recognize Keeper of the Flame Bill Gawlowski for his efforts in bringing our music to Central Oregon.  Thanks to Bill and everyone else who are "Keepers of the Flame".  We couldn't do this without you!  (Interested in joining?  E-mail Kathy at kathyboyd@phoenixrisingband.org.)



          Bill and Cathi Gawlowski were recognized for              What a fun way to spend Independence Day!

     their outstanding service as "Keepers of the Flame".


June 24, 2006

We had the honor of performing the only bluegrass to be heard at the annual Packwood American Music Festival.  Packwood Washington is in the Cascade mountain range on the slopes of Mt. Rainier.  It's one of the most beautiful places on earth!  The highlight of the festival (for us anyway) was when the Randy Oxford Band needed an emergency fill-in bass player.  Untuck that bluegrass shirt, add sunglasses, and you have instant blues bass player!  Tim did a great job and we are now forever bonded with Randy and his fabulous group of award winning musicians (check out his website at www.randyoxford.com!).  



         Tom captivates the audience.           Tim had a blast sitting in           Kathy takes       Every band needs a "camp cook".  Tim's ours!

                                                                       with Randy Oxford.                    a bow! 


May 21, 2006

It was a hot and humid Sunday in Keizer, Oregon when we stopped by to entertain at the annual Keizer Iris Festival.  We have to thank the crew at Uptown Music for not only hiring us for to represent the genre of bluegrass at this event, but for running the sound, providing the stage, and generally being just a great crew to work with.  We had a great time, but don't we always? 




May 13, 2006


People kept filtering in to the elegantly updated 100 year old church that is the Tualatin Heritage Center with the latest news from the wreck on the highway: "Burning Bus!" "Cars backed up to Salem!" "People just stopped and standing outside their cars." We were on cell phones tracking the progress of our bandmates from the south through the traffic mess. No human injuries, but a high school band bus of instruments up in smoke. Here's a prayer for the instruments. As each new member of the audience arrived the relief and personal bonding continued to grow. By the time the two southernmost members of the band finally arrived, the audience already felt like first cousins at a family reunion.
An hour behind schedule but ready to make up for lost time, there was a whoop and a holler and the first chords of Lonesome Mando Blues launched the Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising show.

Through the music and the stories, improv observations like how fortunate the audience had chairs certified comfortable for four hours of city council use, the laughter, tears and sighs of our musical emotional journey left no strangers by the time we said good bye with Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone. Somehow it felt like the historic photos surrounding us in the Heritage Center, photos which had just been rescued from a dumpster the night before, set the tone for honoring our traditions, sharing gratitude for these happy moments of life, and looking forward to the chance to do it all again. That's our music. That's our heritage.

Favorite quote from the audience: "We didn't know who you were and thought fifteen dollars was a lot of money to ask. Now that we've heard you, we would have spent a lot more!" (review of show by Tom Tower)



Special guest Alex Truax and TomT.  team                   Kathy and Tim having way                Tom O'Connor cuts loose with some hot

             up for MORE BANJO!                                                   too much fun.                                                  guitar licks


April 29, 2006

It was a glorious spring day at Mt. Hood Meadows where we performed for hundreds of skiers all afternoon.  We had a wonderful time, were incredibly impressed with the bluegrass knowledge of the listeners, and had a great deal of fun announcing that even though Rhonda Vincent may have the Martha White bus. . . we have the Black Diamond banner! 



  Check out those heels in the snow!        There's nothing like playing outdoors in the            A section of the very enthusiastic audience

                                                                                   Oregon springtime                                       


April 24, 2006

Click here to read the article about us that appeared in this mornings edition of The Oregonian.  Special thanks to Rick Bella for interviewing us!


April 23, 2006

We were invited to film a television special at the studios of the Tualatin Valley Cable TV folks.  What an experience!  The one hour show will be aired all over the Portland, Oregon area and if it turns out the way we hope we just might have a DVD to sell!  Special thanks to our emcee Mason Smith, our hand picked audience members (it was a small studio), and to Dave Slay our producer!  We've already been invited to record a new show next year! 



         Just call him curious Tommy!                    David F. Ashton III in the sound booth            Tim and Tom warm up in the glow of a

                                                                                                                                                           monitor (check out the flames!)


March 25, 2006

Check out Tim Crosby's testimonial for Eastman Mandolins at www.eastmanmandolins.com!  Next time you see him, be sure to ask him the HILARIOUS story about how he ended up with his sponsorship package!


March 12, 2006

Rose City Park United Methodist Church Loaves and Fishes Fundraiser

Portland, Oregon


Approximately 80 people turned out on this gray Oregon Spring day to enjoy some music while raising money for the local Loaves and Fishes efforts.  This was the first time we tried out our new microphone configuration, and also several new tunes.  We had a wonderful time, and after the last song the crowd made that sound that entertainers just live for. . Yup, they roared!  



                     Hey!  That's us!                                                         Having too much fun while Tom O'Connor sings one.



January 8 - 9, 2006

River City Bluegrass Festival

What a way to start the year!  In the words of mandolin player Tim Crosby, "HOW FUN WAS THAT"!  The boys had the pleasure of hosting the upper lobby jam on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  It turned out to be a great way to meet folks and do some "bonding" with fellow bluegrass enthusiasts.  We played a set on the Cascade Stage Saturday afternoon to an enthusiastic crowd, many of whom had not yet had the opportunity to hear us perform.  Special thanks to Chris and Chuck Palmer for extending to us the invitation to be a part of this event!  Check it out at www.rivercitybluegrass.com.


Rose & I had a great time at the festival and we certainly had a blast "Jamming" with you all. Thanks so much and it was nice to meet you, Keep on Pickin'. ~ Rose & Dave


It was great seeing you at River City, I really liked the energy of the band, it looked like you guys were psyched and having a lot of fun. And I heard your recording on Uptown Bluegrass, I love that song. Looks like Phoenix Rising is coming right along.  ~ Doug W.


Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising- I had never had a chance to see them play, and was very impressed. Lots of energy, and great playing, and that little lady with her little bass.... and her pink boots!! ~  Chip R.


All of that plus my first opportunity to see Kathy and Phoenix Rising for the first time really helped make the festival for me. ~ Jim K.



      A cheezy moment on        The "official" lobby jam!         Kathy dances with     Kathy got to sing on the

                stage                                                                   James King            main stage with Rhonda!



              Click here to read about other years!





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