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        Photos and Fun Stuff 2010
                                       (life on the road with the band)


December 29, 2010

We were charmed and humbled to have been invited to play our last show of the year in the chapel of The Grotto of Our Sorrowful Mother for their legendary Festival of Light. It feels like sacred ground and is beautifully grand and sumptuous in polished marble, oak, and stained glass. We set up and did a brief sound check when our host, Denise, asked if we were ready. Of course we were and expected a little introduction. She did introduce us...right after the PIPE ORGAN FANFARE!!! We thought we were being heralded in by the very hosts from on high. The goose bumps never left us. Tim set the tone and mood exactly right with "Cast the First Stone" off our Walk Humbly CD. Dennis sang "My Little Brother" and we felt the longest pause of absolute silence while people soaked in its heartfelt meaning. Kathy did a great version of her wonderful song "Thanksgiving". Tom wrapped up the evening leading the audience in a sing along of our brand new single "Bluegrass Christmas". People were still humming the chorus as we packed the magic and love of live music back into the road cases to wait till the new year and our next chance to play. As a parting gift, we had the fun of watching the monks passing out flyers for the Oregon Bluegrass Association Gospel Show taking place in January.  As the Bluegrass Christmas chorus says: "May you all be blessed... we're bluegrass family" Happy New Year!

Our wonderful hostess Denise!     What a gorgeous venue to be invited to perform in                    Beautiful!              A view of they guys (and soundman Mark)       After the show we celebrated our phenomenal

                                                                                                                                                                                             from "on high"                                year with some seriously dangerous

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mexican food!


December 18, 2010

Kathy said: " You guys want to go on a road trip or .....?" We were already heading for the van with our instruments when we heard "road trip" - more than ready for any chance to play - and never did hear the rest of her question. Off we went in  "Ola Belle the Wonder Bus" - and spent the next three hours finding all the Wintertime leaks in our beloved "home-away-from-home". As we neared Kent we pulled off on the I-5 shoulder certain that we had lost a wheel bearing or blown a tire. Eventually we concluded it was the rhythm of the bumpy freeway that spooked us. Tom was moved to tell this personal tale of highway anxiety to our Kent audience and discovered a room full of nodding heads - "Yeah, been there, thought that too" - with broad smiles. We were treated to get to hear Convergence Zone performing as we arrived at the venue. In addition to the performance area there were multiple rooms with a big circles of jammers - who gave us the grand bluegrass compliment of pausing the jam to listen to our set. The day ended with a sing-along that featured the boys of Phoenix Rising sitting in with the house band, and Kathy sitting in the audience sharing in the fun of hollering out page numbers (instead of song titles).  The joke?  The band didn't have the books and had NO IDEA what the requests were!  We loved Kent - great people, a real listeners and singers audience - the heart and soul of what makes bluegrass music feel so much like family.


     We had such a wonderful time!          The library is a lovely venue with both a performance  Tom enjoying his role as Bluegrass Santa        Kathy joined the sing-a-long crowd while the guys pitched in and helped the house band cover the requests!

                                                                      area and soundproof jamming rooms.



November 13, 2010

KBPR in Mt Angel wasn't just a concert. It was a reunion.  A festival.  A love fest.  You might even call it a Bigfoot Jubilee!  Guests came from as far away as Bend and the hills and hollers of Silverton for the show.  We were honored by so many luminaries including Silverton's newly re-elected mayor, Stu Rassmussen,  while decades and decades of friendships hugged and renewed in the foyer.  One of the inspirations for us are the posters of so many indelible musical memories that paper the theatre's lobby.  Ken and Margaret Doran have worked so diligently to bring the cream of local talent and the best of national tours to their stage.  Seeing hundreds of signed posters by so many artists really called us to play our best.  We are deeply grateful to be among the musical photo memories on their walls.  The after show party continued until we were literally swept out the door of the Seven Brides Brew Pub still warm with the afterglow of new stories from good friends, good music, and good food.  Who could ask for more?
  Garrett Doran did a wonderful job opening for us with his                          What an amazingly interactive crowd!                                 We had just as much fun as the audience!

          original compositions and youthful charm


October 16, 2010

90 people threw their money into the mandolin case at the door and settled in for an evening of bluegrass fun at the Eastside Bluegrass Series that takes place the 3rd Saturday of every month in Portland, Oregon.  It began with a jam - which kept people entertained as they waited for the main event.  The show opened with The Bluegrass Regulators, who are always fun to perform with not only because they're outstanding musicians, but because we've known some of them their entire lives!  Host Mason Smith himself was the "tweener".  He absolutely charmed the crowd with his story of the day his mother died and with his wonderful storytelling baritone voice.  We closed out the night with a set that kicked everything into high gear and had the audience calling out for MORE at the end of the evening.  We always enjoy the stories we hear at the mercantile table after a show, but this evening proved to be even more heartwarming and humbling than usual.  We'd like to thank everyone who ever takes a moment to talk with us. . . . it is such an honor and it so enriches our lives.  Post show it was off to Denny's for a late dinner and a birthday call to Kathy's dear friend Don Curry. . . . . who was an awfully good sport about waking up to four part harmony in the middle of the night! 


The Bluegrass Regulators put on a great show              . . and had the crowd in high spirits when we took the stage!                            Performing always makes us hungry!


October 9, 2010

It was a wild day that started at the Old Liberty Theater in Ridgefield, Washington as part of their annual Birdfest and Bluegrass Festival.  The historic venue was standing room only and filled with an incredibly enthusiastic audience. . . . . who all wanted to purchase CD's!  (or had all 3 and wanted to know when the next one would be coming out!).  It was the first time we got to introduce Tom on-stage as the winner of the $10,000 2010 City Love Music Contest and let the world know how proud we are of him.  We were honored to have been invited to perform at this festival by hosts Don and Earleen Grizwold as so many groups are lined up for the opportunity to perform in this bluegrass friendly town.  A quick trip back to Kathy's for some homemade soup and a change of clothes, and we were off to Oregon City, Oregon for the Northwest Civil War Council's annual Harvest Ball.  What a treat to have the opportunity to perform with caller Mary Devlin!  The dancers had just as wonderful of a time as we did - Mary is the PERFECT hostess!  We left the evening with hugs all around and promises to work together again.  It was one of those days where we all walked away with a new friend or two. . . . and it just doesn't get better than that!


    What an amazingly enthusiastic crowd at Birdfest!            Caller Mary Devlin and Kathy had a wonderful time together     Tim was in his element with all the fiddle tunes!  An "old-fashion" Tim        Tom and Kathy ran into friend Robert and his

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                delightful daughter Emily                         


September 15 - 18, 2010

74,000 people. . . . 16 shows. . . . 4 days. . . . and more fun than we ever dreamed we could have as a band!  The 100th annual Pendleton Roundup was one of those experiences that definitely became a check mark on all our "bucket lists".  We worked for the Main Street Cowboys as part of their stage entertainment and had a marvelous time sharing the stage with the Brian Hanson Band, JD Kindle and the Eastern Oregon Playboys, Cale Moon and the Travel 'n Opry.  Whether it was Kathy riding the mechanical bull while Brian Hanson fiddled his extremely hot version of "Orange Blossom Special", our Friday night high energy show where the dancing never stopped, the lazy breakfasts at The Hampton with our fellow musicians, the stories we heard, the people we met, or the strange synchronization of everyone breaking strings at the same time on the same song - it was an experience never to be forgotten.  Special thanks to our new friend, clothing designer Manuel, for his story of "65 Roses" - which is now a clothing line where a percent of each sale is donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of his young daughters friend.  General Ron and his testimony, our host Rod's story of his journey from farm boy to electronic specialist, the city-wide search for a shirt like Tom's by many of our audience members, and the engagement stories of our friends Bob and Kimberly and Brian and Heidi. . . . . thank you ALL for a week we will never forget, and for stories we'll be sharing the rest of our lives!

With stage mates Brian Hanson and Cale Moon       Between sets Tom usually had his phone to his ear!         Introducing Brian Hanson as our special guest                   Tearing it up on Block 2!            We talked to so many wonderful people about who we are

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and what we do.  Everyone was so nice!


September 4, 2010

This was our second 'shotgun' wedding of the summer, but the first one (EVER!) where the bonding experience was all of the home remedy ideas Kathy received when she had an altercation with a yellow jacket shortly after the band arrived.  The idea that actually worked was wet tobacco and a bandage (okay, so the Windex idea from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" came in a close second).  This way-out-in-the-country wedding was a coming together of friends (both the 2-legged and the 4-legged kind) and relatives to celebrate Josh and Kristen as they began their life together as a married couple.  You've just got to love a ceremony that begins with the little ones riding their stick horses up the aisle to the theme from "Bonanza", the bride riding her horse in to an instrumental version of our song "Western Girl", and the recessional a rousing rendition of "Happy Trails"! And then there was food and dancing and more food and laughter and WOW what a wedding cake!  (It was designed as a saddle).  All-in-all a wonderful day that reminded everyone present how important family is and how much fun it is to come together and celebrate life. 

  Kristen and Josh getting ready to say "I Do!"        Tom had a great time with these two cousins               Another beautiful sunny Oregon wedding day!                     Tom leads his infamous "Hokey Pokey" wedding dance

                                                                          and their multitude of "What's that?" questions


August 30, 2010

We always have such a wonderful time at the Oregon State Fair, and this year was no exception!  This year we were paired up with the cast from "One Night in Frogtown" (a presentation of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation).  What a riot backstage with all the flying glitter, the frog costumes, and one very talented rap artist combined with our more "down home" stage items and sound.  We saw several folks who had attended our 2009 show, and enjoyed seeing many friends and family members throughout the day (CONGRATULATIONS to Ken and Jan Cartwright - who got the first photo's of Kathy's new shoes!).  This was our first big show with the new sound system, and not only were we happy with it, but it was nice to see so many smiling sound people!  Being at the fair, we simply had to partake in a few "must-do's", such as Kathy's crowd pleasing ride on the mechanical bull and a whole lot of delicious BBQ for dinner.  THANK YOU  Eric, Sara and the entire Oregon State Fair crew for making us feel so welcome and for asking us to be a part of your event!

The crowd loved Kathy's ride (yes, it's moving!)           Introducing a tune on the Spirit of Oregon stage          It's always such a treat to perform at the state fair!           Mercantile girl BBQ!!   One of the Frogtown props


August 28, 2010

Wow.  What an amazing day we had at the 25th Anniversary party for Jerry and Sandra Drummond.  A beautiful estate, a charming family, wonderful friends, fabulous food, and an absolute ton of fun for the band!  Tom once again outdid himself by getting "scoop" on the happy couple from their children and surprised them with an original tune about their life together that had the entire crowd enjoying fits of laughter.  This was truly a multi-generational day with friends of many decades right up to a mass of grandchildren (who anxiously awaited the DEPARTURE of the band so they could do cannonballs in the swimming pool!).  It was one of those days that makes you remember the importance of family and friends, and we were truly honored to have shared this special day..

It was fun to watch the guests come dancing into the party!         Family dog            Tom performing the original tune he wrote for Jerry and Sandra                    View from the stage.  The gardens were gorgeous!!


August 13, 2010

The beautiful little town of Independence, Oregon hosts a huge and amazing amphitheater and a town full of folks who actually use it on a regular basis to enjoy live music and various town sponsored celebrations.  Children danced the night away in front of the stage while a multitude of others enjoyed the show from the comfort of their lawn chairs placed on the multi-tiered hillside.  The stars were out and our favorite part of the evening was when an audience member told us of how right when Tim sang a line about a meteor. . . . . . one flew over the stage!  (You know you've got a good sound man when he has the ability to "cue Heaven"!).  We met so many nice people and shared so many hugs with the children who were allowed to come right up to the edge of the stage and feel like they were really spending time with us.  This was an evening of small town Americana at it's finest and we are so happy to have been a part of it!

                Ah, the excitement of backstage. . .                                This small town does music in a BIG way!                   A beautiful summer evening in Independence      One happy guitar



August 13, 2010

Young mothers with babies in tow, retired folks and tourists looking for a nice place to lunch and enjoy some live music, and business people on their lunch hour all made up a wonderfully eclectic group of listeners for our noontime concert in Millennium Park Plaza in downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon.  The city supplied free ice cream to help celebrate their 100th anniversary.  The seated crowd sang along, the little ones danced and way in the background we got a kick out of watching some sort of exercise class do their thing to the beat of "Bigfoot Jubilee".  After the show we met not only several local residents, but also folks from Kentucky, Louisiana and various other places around the states. . . . . and they all took CD's home for their friends and family!  THANK YOU Lake Oswego and Sterling Talent!


                                            Tim enjoys some pre-show centennial ice cream                                 What a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon!


August 12, 2010

Our performance as part of the Oregon City Concerts in the Park summer concert series was about as close to a bluegrass tent revival as one can get.  An amazingly enthusiastic audience, perfect weather, great sound and oh-what-fun to entertain these folks!  Bluegrass nirvana smack dab in the middle of the historic district of this lovely little river town.  Kathy had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends from twenty years ago and entertaining the ladies from Berry Park Retirement by actually making it down the hill in her stiletto heels in one piece!  This show was the perfect kick-off to a whirlwind of performances over the course of two days.  THANK YOU City of Oregon  City for bringing us to your town.  It was definitely one of the highlights of our summer!

  Just one section of the fabulously enthusiastic audience                Everyone had an incredibly good time              With long-time friend Karen Truax,     These folks held         Hooray IntSTATS!

                                                                                                                                                                           who jumped on the chance to      Tom's shirt for him            Thank you!!

                                                                                                                                                                           host when she heard we were    and almost didn't give

                                                                                                                                                                                    coming to town!                          it back!

August 5, 2010

Wow, talk about a command performance! The Clatskanie ("Center of the Universe") Chamber of Commerce invited Tom and Kathy to their monthly luncheon in honor of the recent success of Tom's song Twelve More Miles to Clatskanie in the CityLove Music contest for songs about cities. This, of course, meant a daylight ROAD TRIP to Kathy's hometown and a drive under the now world famous ODOT sign that started it all.   Kathy basked in hometown memories including a side trip to the Murray Hill Cemetery to pay respects to her Nana. Every Chamber member at the luncheon received a copy of the song along with Tom's hilarious true tale of its creation followed by a performance with solo banjo. The Chamber ran with the delight of acknowledging Clatskanie as the "Center of the Universe" and the mission of putting Twelve More Miles to Clatskanie over the top in the CityLove Music contest by taking 1000 "How to Vote" fliers and vowing to distribute them through their businesses and social events.  We love Clatskanie and they love their song.

        The sign that inspired the song                     Tom performing for the Chamber members          Tom, newspaper editor Debbie Hazen,       Modern day Bonnie and Clyde?  Movie stars?

                                                                                                                                                                             Kathy and Chamber President John Moore     Musicians heading for trouble?  You decide!


July 30, 2010

It was the maiden voyage of the new band RV "OlaBelle/Mini Purl/Wilbur" - we just couldn't all agree on a name (looks like a contest coming soon!).  The RV did great and we arrived in the beautiful Southern Oregon town of Myrtle Creek almost 2 hours ahead of schedule.  This gave us time to visit all the vendor booths at the Myrtle Creek Summer Festival, which covered everything from tie-dye clothing to crystals to the "Sanctuary" - a booth hosted by all the local churches where you could rest a spell, get a free drink of water, and even share a prayer with whichever spiritual leader was holding down the fort at the time.  We enjoyed a picnic dinner while the local rock band opened for us (that was a first!), then hit one of the loveliest stages we have ever had the opportunity to perform on for 2 hours of what we do best - entertain folks with our original roots bluegrass!  The local Chamber of Commerce outdid themselves this year in producing the Myrtle Creek Summer Festival. . . . there wasn't one booth space unsold and the Saturday milk carton races got all sorts of news coverage!  After our show we headed to the outskirts of Roseburg, where we were treated to some time with friends Joe and Kathy Ross in their beautiful hacienda. . . . complete with bell tower!  Joe cooked us up a mighty breakfast Saturday before we headed home.  What a fabulous host!  It was a quick trip, but definitely one packed full of good times and wonderful memories.  Thank you to everyone who made this venture possible!


             What a beautiful stage!                                       Putting the "blues" in bluegrass                        Joe made us an                Debating what to name the new band RV. . .

                                                                                                                                                       AMAZING breakfast!


July 25, 2010

This was our third year taking part in the Newberg Old Fashioned Festival, and we discovered that the event is beginning to take on a bit of a "family reunion" feel to us as it's our annual reconnection with fabulous soundman Joel, the promoters, and the quaint little town of Newberg, Oregon.  As always, it's a hot performance - in more ways than one!  The mid-90 degree temperature was actually quite lovely for the audience members sitting under the shade of the huge old trees in Memorial Park.  It was great fun to watch them sing along to our original tunes, listen intently (several folks came up later and told us we played "thought provoking music". . . what a compliment!), and show great enthusiasm for the overall performance.   The favorite moment of the day was when the antique fire trucks rolled by and Tim yelled "Squirrel!" from the back of the stage.  We immediately discovered how many folks in the audience had seen the movie "Up" by the laughter and applause!  We adore this little town that's just down the road from home and hope we'll be invited back for year number four!


    Tom looking cool on one very HOT stage!                   Enthusiastic audiences are always so fun to play for                            That's a pretty INTENSE looking duet!


July 10, 2010

It was a surprise double 60th birthday party for Michael and Mary Boedigheimer, and what a treat for us to be invited to provide the music!  The Boedigheimer's were once-upon-a-time neighbors to Tom's parents, so you can imagine the difficult time we had keeping Tom on the stage as he saw more and more folks from his past entering the scene!  We played on the patio, facing an amazing view of the Willamette Valley and Mt. Jefferson.  Guests hung out in the shade of an ENORMOUS walnut tree, except of course when Tom got them all up and involved in his famous Hokey-Pokey.  We presented the guests of honor with a song written specifically for them and we have to give daughters Jennifer, Anna and Kristen credit for giving us the perfect "scoop" to come up with something that surprised and delighted their parents.  Did we mention the food?  And the multiple birthday cakes that just keep appearing - each with it's own story to go with it!  What a fun way to spend a beautiful summer afternoon!

Kathy shares a greeting with the family llama       It was a pasture sized Hokey Pokey!              We had as much fan as the guests did!       Alicen, Jennifer and Tom lead a rousing

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   rendition of "Happy Birthday"


July 3, 2010

There is reality, and then there are dreams and fantasies and somewhere in between lives hope. We had the privilege of playing for Sean and Gina,  who held onto their dreams and through the miles and years kept love alive to find its way.. We celebrated their twelfth year renewal of vows in the elegant farmstead setting of Sean's parent's country estate with a genuine rootin' tootin' Deadwood Western Inspiration. Shotgun Wedding wasn't the half of it considering almost every man had a six shooter (usually) holstered and several carried double-barreled shotguns, too. A man in the crowd had the temerity to object to the nuptials and was gunned down by the preacher himself for interrupting the sermonette. When was the last time you saw that at a wedding? These folks laughed and danced the Hokey Pokey and the Deadwood Reel till the trays of blackberry cobbler came out. Tom wrote a song that chronicled their enchanted odyssey of true love that left the bride and groom, most of the audience and Tom, himself, in tears by the end.

Western attire was de rigueur and Kathy set the darling Southern Miss standard with authentic dress, corset and rag curls twining like honeysuckle round her shoulders. Tim, having been born in the mid-nineteenth century, was dressed in dignified gentleman's attire much of which had been worn by his own grandfather. Dennis looked like he just left his horse to run in the orchard. Mark Gensman, our sound engineer was dapper in his vest, bow tie, and ten and a half gallon "gus" hat. Thanks to him for saving the day when quirky cables interfered with our sound system. Tom, leading the Hokey Pokey in his luminescent white beard and father's grey fedora looked for all the world like a jovial dancing Rabbi escaped from Fiddler On The Roof. This was a stupendous, uplifting, legendary celebration that will not only never be forgotten by all of us lucky enough to attend but will remain a high water mark for the inspiration of enduring true love. Thank you, Sean and Gina, for inviting us into your enchanted circle of love. YEEHAA!

Goofing around before the ceremony    Sean and Gina are absolutely delightful!                    Tom leads an Old West Hokey Pokey                    A beautiful setting and a wonderful day!      


June 26, 2010

We are used to playing shows of a single, or perhaps two sets, maybe two hours. The annual Cascade Locks Sternwheeler Days Festival gave us the chance to stretch out for six hours and actually play with the music that we play. It was a chance to improvise and experiment - which was great fun and excitement for us and seemed to really engage our audiences through the afternoon as well.  This festival is sponsored by the Columbia Gorge Lions Club as a community fundraiser. Tom felt right at home and nostalgic for his Dad, a Lion and national service award winner. On an island adjacent to the stage was a large encampment of mountain man/trapper reenactors with Dutch ovens cooking on open fires and black powder cannon firing at unexpected intervals. Meanwhile, genuine Native Americans were selling salmon from tailgates in the parking lot. Definitely something for everyone including sternwheeler rides on a glorious sunny afternoon and Kathy wearing her stylish red cowboy boots. A family who spent the afternoon listening to us offered us a delicious BBQ picnic at our break which energized us almost as much as their smiles and tapping toes during our songs.  Our final set found us with a crowd that just wouldn't let us go away!  What a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon.  We are happy and honored to let you know that we have already been invited back for 2011!

Give Dennis and elephant ear and he's happy!          The crowd goes wild for PopChips!                   We had a great time watching the crowd. . it was a gorgeous day for bluegrass!


June 11 - 13, 2010

We were absolutely stunned at the brilliance of the Mid-Columbia Traditional Arts and Music Association -  having a music division and a food division at the Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival and Dutch Oven Rendezvous. This is a genuine community festival with exceptional organization and volunteer support. Dutch oven cooking seminars, a terrific line up of bands, dances called late into the night and a full schedule of music workshops complimented by the mouth watering smells of food vendors and temptations of craftspeople with their wares. Wow! We will never forget the ardent dutch oven chefs coming into our camp and saying: "Hey, just baked this raspberry upside down cake, want some?" Or a pair of the hugest fry pans on earth cooking up French toast and sausage through the expertise of the Flat Opossum Chefs. We camped between two of our favorite bands, the Coyote Ridge Bluegrass Wranglers and Foghorn Stringband.   We had great fun swapping true stories (no exaggerations, honest!) and the occasional practical joke with our Buddies in Prairie Flyer. The band offered two well attended workshops. One was on vocal harmony which concluded with twenty- five part harmony singing of "High On A Mountain Top". Our specialty, the Slow Jam, had a late slot from about ten till midnight with a large turnout singing along and asking questions about playing and singing together. This was oure first performance contract that specified we had to attend the Dutch Oven Potluck and let us tell you, that was a gourmet feast of taste, color, aroma, and delight. Oh man, do we hope to get the call to return and joyously recommend this festival to everyone!


    Tim was smitten by the Foghorn baby          Tim explains vocal harmony at our workshop       Stagehand view of the band in action!      Cleaned up for some Sunday gospel


June 10, 2010

St. John's Episcopal Church in Hermiston, Oregon was our first stop on a four day mini-tour. Our hosts were Les McMasters, master luthier,  and his gracious wife, Leana.  We were treated to a tour of Les' guitar shop complete with the fragrance of exotic wood, glue, lacquer, and the touch, sight, and tone of a multitude of marvelous instruments. For our first concert of the tour, we were delighted to see so many people fill the pews of St. John's and were absolutely won over by their hospitality, keen listening, warmth and humor. It seemed they liked us too, with the highest proportion of audience to CD sales that we have experienced . . . EVER. Our visit to this lovely town ended with a trip to the town newspaper office to collect copies of the HUGE article written about us in the Hermiston Herald.  We absolutely loved Hermiston and hope to return again soon.

        The church was such a beautiful acoustic venue!                  Having the opportunity to meet so many folks           A midnight sampling of McMasters Guitars!

                                                                                                            was the best part of our visit!


June 5, 2010

After torrential rains all through the Spring and a first-time-ever closing of the Portland Rose Festival due to pineapple-express monsoons, we were apprehensive about the festival and our part in it. BUT! As they say, Summer fell on a Saturday this year so more people could enjoy it. The crowds were out under clear blue skies and 75 degree sunny weather. Bathing suits and shorts were every where. We played the main stage, next to BBQ contest row which put a hungry, smokey vibe in the air. We took the stage following the driving dance jive beat of Kukuva Marimba. What a switch from Zimbabwe to Americana Bluegrass. Our audience filled the stands and stopped strolling the midway to listen attentively or dance. We took the stage, dug right in and played from our hearts, fast, sharp, soulful and driving. The sun stayed with us and the audience through the set till Tom sang the first chorus of Big River: "I taught that weepin' willow how to cry, cry, cry. I taught the clouds how to cover up a clear blue sky." And sure enough, the clouds closed in, the temperature dropped ten degrees and by nightfall the rains were rooster tailing over the freeway median again. It was a joy to see so many friends come out for bluegrass and sunshine. We got to chat a while, talkin' mandos, banjos, and Dobros with our good friends Carrie Cunningham and the Six Shooters - who highlighted and closed the main stage. Special thanks to Shari Braumbaugh for the pictures!

       How FUN to run into friend Carrie Cunningham!              We loved this years setting for the main stage - it was right off the midway so everyone could enjoy the music!



May 18, 2010

Occasionally, every band needs a good adventure.  Ours began with our arrival at the CCTV studios in Salem, Oregon (note to fearless leader - verify address next time!) where we learned that "Talent In the Getto" is actually shot on the other side of town!  After calling for directions, the wonderful staff helped us load back into the vans and sent us off with a round of hugs and handshakes.  We knew our next stop was the correct location when producer Gae Nichols and show host Pat Robinson came running out with hugs, grins and a lot of laughter. . . . and laugh we did for the next several hours!  These two produce a combination acoustic concert, interview and comedy show that is at once sweet, funny and a whole lot of fun!  With some extra help from camera man D'Wayne and Pat's grandson Eli, we footage than will eventually become a one-hour show.  Watch for it on CCTV Cable Channel 22 in Salem, Channel 29 in Corvallis, on the "Talent In the Getto" YouTube site and many other places.


     Host Pat Robinson and Dennis get to know                  Gae Nichols runs the camera and keeps the                 It's all about the love with host Pat Robinson

                   each other prior to taping                                                  whole gang on task                                                  and producer Gae Nichols!



May 8, 2010

The Emerald Valley Opry is a monthly music series in Eugene, Oregon and let me tell you, these folks love music - they listen, they laugh, they pack the house and at least for Dennis' song, My Little Brother, tonight they cried. We were invited to feature songs off our new CD, Walk Humbly.  We sang our hearts out and played our fingers off and basked in this wonderful community's musical enthusiasm. But wait! That's not all! We heard some wonderful music from Hudson Ridge with lead singer Mary absolutely torching her vocals. The show began with the finger picking Gretsch guitar twins playing as sweet and pure as sacred water could run. For the first time, we met Juni Fisher - a genuine cowgirl serenader, who sang a beautiful duet with our master of ceremonies Dallas and got everybody winsome, nostalgic, and teared up with her beautiful Whipporwill. The EVO, what a treat and what a showcase for a full night of musical memories. Thank You, Eugene!!!


    Preshow visiting and handing out PopChips                     We love this stage!                          Dennis and Tom give it           There was a special       What a treat to finally get

                        was great fun                                                                                                            their all                      encore for the shoes!       to meet Mary Luther and

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hudson Ridge!


April 24, 2010

Any performance that starts with The Hokey Pokey and ends with Cheetos on a chili burger (try it!) has just got to be chalked up to a GOOD day!  The Spring Bluegrass Festival in Camas, Washington hosted a house packed with a wildly enthusiastic audience, an energetic crowd on the dance floor, and some very happy promoters.  We had about 15 minutes between sound check and the start of our show, so Tom decided it was time for a rousing rendition of his famous "Hokey Pokey".  Many of those same folks never left the dance floor for the next hour, and were rewarded at the end of the show with their own bag of PopChips!  We met so many wonderful people at this benefit for the John Paul II Center and were so pleased to see how much this festival had grown in one year.  They're already thinking they'll need a larger venue in 2011! 

Special thanks to Lee Ann for holding down      Tom responds to the audiences enthusiasm      Fresh hay, peanut shells and bluegrass music           GIRL POWER with the

           the mercantile table for us                                                                                             made for the perfect dance atmosphere!                        Misty Mamas!


April 10, 2010

Our annual "Hometown Tualatin" concert was a benefit for the Zach's Kids project this year, which is an effort to collect simple items such as crayones, chalk, water colors and generic coloring books for our friend Zach Driscoll (www.zachdriscoll.com) to hand out to the children he meets while he is stationed with his National Guard unit in AfghanistanHaggen Grocery generously donated cupcakes to celebrate Kathy's birthday and Popchips came with not only samples for everyone, but also a couple of cases of chips to send to Zach's unit.  This is a wonderful crowd who look forward to this show all year long.  Several attendees have been to all 5 of our shows at the beautiful Heritage Center, and many of them remembered when Kathy took out the light throwing t-shirts a few years ago (they still haven't fixed it).  The Oregon National Guard donated shirts for us to give out, and we are happy to report that this year all light fixtures remain intact!  Tualatin resident Nadine Wilkins did a beautiful job of sharing letters written by various military personnel telling of their interactions with children in times of war, and the band was in top form presenting not just songs from the new release - Walk Humbly - but also a variety of selections that KBPR fans have come to love over the years.  Thank you to everyone who attended and took part in the festivities!  See you in 2011! (Note:  final count --> 50 coloring books, 30 boxes of crayons and 2 cases of PopChips!)


 Beltin' out a love song!                   We LOVE Popchips!                     Tom and a few members of his fan club             A wonderful audience, a fabulous venue, an outstanding

                                            All the love without the handles!                                                                                                        evening of great music and fun!


March 27, 2010

What a thrill and honor to be on the bill with our friends Roundhouse and Bill Jolliff for the Oregon Bluegrass Association Willamette Valley Gospel Show!  Hosted by Ken and Jan Cartwright, the SOLD OUT show was a reminder of why we love the music and those who are drawn to it.  It was a beautiful, warm evening, and it was fun to watch the crowd "rotate" as the overflow stood on the sidewalk outside listening to the show live on KENC radio and watching through the windows.  The true highlight of the evening was the debut of Anna Jolliff.  Watch this girl, she'll be going places!  Approximately $600 was raised for the OBA. . . . thank you to everyone who attended and helped make this happen.  To complete the evening the band gathered for a round of . . . . . what else. . . . rhubarb pie! 

   Cartwrights Music is a wonderful venue          Anna Jolliff blew everyone away with her lovely         Kathy and her buddy Hannah             Singing for the finale . . . great fun!

  that always hosts an enthusiastic crowd                         voice and amazing talent!



February 7, 2010

What a joy to return to the Rose City Park United Methodist Church concert series!  This long-running series ended a few years ago after being a staple of the Alameda district in Portland, Oregon for 25 years. . . . and came back by popular demand in 2009.  An all ages crowd turned out to enjoy an afternoon of music that included a sneak-peek at the music on our new CD being released next month.  From the pre-school set dancing in the aisles to the 91-year old birthday girl, we enjoyed the conversations we had with each and every one of the folks who attended.  The evening ended at Poor Richards, where we got to catch the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl and swap stories while enjoying an outstanding dinner. 


 The newly remodeled church stage was wonderful to perform on!         Kathy and host Patricia Holman                                 Hey!  That's us!


January 23, 2010

From the moment we walked into the Troubadour Music Center, we were completely awed by the music store, the people, the venue, and the response to our music.  If you ever find yourself in Corvallis, Oregon, be sure to stop by and meet owner Kent Buys.  He's a master storyteller housed in a store full of history.  About 2/3 of the audience had not had the opportunity to see us perform before, which is always fun.  The folks who had been to other shows added to the fun of the evening with their enthusiastic response to the kickoffs to their favorite tunes.  The evening wound up with a birthday party for Tim at the Block 15 Brewing Company, where he definitely felt well celebrated!  Special thanks to Tom Demarest for all of his publicity and hosting efforts and to the Crosby family for their help with various duties including photos, the door, the mercantile table. . . . and Tim's (very tasty!) birthday cake!

Troubadour owner Kent Buys and host              Our wonderful door and                 A fun show in a wonderful venue          Toasting Tim at his birthday celebration

              Tom Demarest                                       mercantile crew!


January 8 - 9, 2010

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to return to the annual Oregon Fairs Convention after a years absence.  It was hard work, a ton of fun, and - oh! - what an education on the economics of different areas of Oregon!  Among other things we held down a booth, hosted a Saturday lunch table, and assisted with the Saturday night auction.  Having the opportunity to catch up with friends such as Nevada Slim & Cimmaron Sue, Karen Quest, Bob Manning, Carrie Cunningham, the gang from Coyote Creek, Steve the Pretty Good, the Gothard Sisters and a host of others was absolute icing on the cake for a highly successful weekend.  (Special congratulations to Tillamook County Fair Manager Jerry Underwood for winning our prize drawing of a KBPR logo baseball hat!)


Special thanks to Ron Burback, President of Funtastic Shows, for allowing us to play a                  Our luncheon table centerpiece was

                bit of background music in their hospitality suite Friday night.                                       taken home by the Columbia County

                                                                                                                                              Commissioner to use as a fund raiser

                                                                                                                                                              for her county fair.

     Saturday table mates Bonnie VanAlta (Malheur County),           The perfect instrument                 The Phoenix Booth Bunnies!

  Janeen Kressly (Malheur County) and Colleen Taylor (Baker         for someone who can't

    County) were great fun to get to know over the weekend.              decide what to play!



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