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        Photos and Fun Stuff 2012
                                       (life on the road with the band)

May 20, 2012

14,000 runners, 25 stages of music, too much fun to be contained on one side of the Willamette River. . . . it was a wild morning of the best in Portland, Oregon music at the first annual Portland Rock n' Roll Half Marathon!  (That's right, an acoustic band at a rock and roll event, don't you just love it!)  This event, hosted by Entertainment Solutions not only raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the ASPCA and many other charities, but it pumped literally THOUSANDS of dollars into the local economy by hiring local folks (from entertainers to outhouse suppliers).  We honestly just can't gush enough about this event!  To our surprise, those 14,000 runners were enthusiastic and incredibly interactive with the music - our favorite observation being how people began to run in time to the music. . . . we're pretty sure some land speed records were broken when we played "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"!  We laughed, we shouted encouragement, we danced in the rain. . . truly a "Keep Portland Weird" event.  From the first runner to the two lovely ladies who brought up the rear and were simply happy to be in front of the ambulance instead of in it, we considered it a gift and an honor to be involved in this event.  The best news is we've already been approached for the 2nd annual event to be held in May of 2013!


                                   We shared the stage with Tiffany Kuenzi and her country band, which gave us time to hoot and holler from the sidelines too!  Too much fun to have on a Sunday morning in Portland, Oregon!




May 18, 2012

Vic's Guitar Cave is a musical jewel in Forest Grove, Oregon that hosts a monthly intimate acoustic concert. What fun we had reconnecting with old friends and making new ones in a “cave” made up of acoustic instruments covering every wall and hanging like stalactites’ from the ceiling. Although publically hosted by store owner Vic Robinson and uber-volunteer Tracy Hankins, it is really the Australian Shepherd Kapo who runs the place. One of the highlights of the show was watching the dog go into an Evangelical frenzy during Tom’s song “Crossroad Haunting” (you know it’s a good song when even the dog “gets” it!). After the show we had fun getting to play a variety of instruments including a Nechville Phantom banjo and an octave mandolin that just begged for someone to play Irish music on it. Who knew that so much fun could be had a little music store in the hills of the Coastal Mountain Range?

                                               What fun we had getting to know the folks at Vic's Guitar Cave, "sampling" the instrument (and cookies!), and performing for a wonderfully involved and enthusiastic crowd!




May 13, 2012

We meet so many wonderful entertainers who become dear friends, and in the case of 2011 WMA Entertainer of the Year Juni Fisher, she has become family!  As soon as we heard she would be on tour through our neck of the woods we immediately began making plans to do a show together - and what a show it was!  Held at the intimate (and air conditioned!) Mt. Angel Performing Arts Center owned by Silverton Mayor Stu Rassmussen and hosted by our friends Ken and Margaret Doran, it was an afternoon of music, humor, a cowgirl trick or two, and a whole lot of fun.  It's no wonder Juni has a list of awards as long as her arm - she is an amazing entertainer!  After the show we headed back to West Salem for a BBQ hosted by Tim and Cindy Crosby and their offspring (it just doesn't seem right to call them children any more!).  We laughed, we ate, we swapped fishing tales and road adventures.  All in all it was one of those days that leaves everyone involved smiling for weeks - and by the number of CD's that went home with people we suspect singing along for moths to come!

                                 What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day - good music, great friends, a little bit of sharing (loved the knitting lessons in the lobby) and a whole lot of fun!



May 12, 2012

The annual Boise-Eliot Bluegrass Festival is a fund raising event for Port City Development and it has become as dear to the entertainers who perform there as it has to the people who attend and to those who work there.  We arrived in time to be wowed by the music of Portland's Wayward Vessel.  What a fun and talented group!  After a wonderful tour and introductions to many of the folks who benefit from Port City Developments services we took the stage for a rousing set that included a lot of happy feet, lovely offerings of balloon flowers brought to the stage, and many many happy smiles all around.  These truly are the moments that are priceless.  Afterwards we spend the beautiful evening sitting on the patio of the local Applebee's - where our hostess made us promise not to sing as the noise restrictions had set in!  We probably laughed louder than we would have sang - and Kathy ended up singing 70's rock ballads with someone in the ladies room anyway.  You just can't keep a good band from making music!


                       It was a heartwarming day filled with great music, fun times, and moments that touched your heart.  We were honored to be a part of it!


May 1, 2012

Was it the little girl doing the Hokey Pokey in her walker, the room full of families who have opened their hearts and their homes to foster children in need of a good home environment, the love and devotion of the DHS workers who host the yearly Foster Families Appreciation Dinner, or simply the magic of it all coming together?  Whatever it was and however it happened, this was an unforgettable evening for everyone involved.  Looking around the room full during dinner we decided it was most definitely the crowd for Tom to break out one of his famous Hokey Pokey routines for (putting your belly button "in" turned out to be one of the highlights of the evenings fun).  Following that opening number, we performed for an hour to the hoots and hollers of a very involved audience.  They clapped, they sang, they danced, and they sat in total silence when Dennis shared his own story through the song "My Little Brother".  Afterwards it was pure joy to get to talk to so many of the families and have so many of the young people share their hopes and dreams with us.  This was the kind of evening that is truly priceless - and we feel honored to have been a part of it!


                It was a room full of love and fun for the annual Clackamas County Foster Families Appreciation Dinner!



April 21, 2012

The "West to East Comfy Seat Tour" continued with a visit to the Eastside Bluegrass Series where Prairie Dog Backfire joined Brian Oberlin and Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising for a night of merriment, good fun and great music (there was a sing-along chorus going on in the ladies room during the PDB set - really!).  Brian brought the house down with his interpretation of how Jethro Burns would perform a classical Italian piece, and after an intermission where folks could partake of the goodies at the snack bar, we took the stage.  As we were technically filling the space for another band that couldn't be there, we decided to throw the usual show out the window and just have some FUN!  After kicking it off with a rousing version of "Jackson", we shared our current favorites and then invited Brian Oberlin to join us for the final third of the set.  For the last two songs we gave the audience a real treat and had the Eastside Bluegrass Series soundman - Mark Gensman from Ground Zero Sound (and our very own den mother) join us on his saxophone.  The audience went wild!!  For a video of the all-star finale jam click here.


Whether jamming, goofing around in the greenroom, making new friends, cheering for the hot music coming from the stage, or watching host Mason do his Carol Burnett impersonation, it was all simply FUN!!



April 14, 2012

It’s another one hundred years till we celebrate Kathy's sesquicentennial. With more immediate gratification on their minds and birthday greetings in their hearts the concert and the party kicked off at the Tualatin Heritage Center  in home sweet home, Tualatin, Oregon. In the midst of mammoth tusk and pioneer straight razor displays, Brian Oberlin led us on a mandolin romp through bluegrass, jazzy swing and classical virtuosity. Sterling Catering provided birthday treats at intermission including mini red velvet moon pies, the most lemony scrumptious lemon bars and to-die-for maple filled cookies.  The band celebrated "Tualatin's Bluegrass Heart Throb" with a scorching set of favorites and tunes from the new CD (in production).  Brian to join us for a sizzling “Bye Bye Blues” and the swingingest ever “Take Me Back to Tulsa”.  Oh what a night with smiles all around and toes tapping all through the night. Happy Birthday, Kathy from your band, your fans, and an adoring world!

                                                     Our annual hometown Tualatin concert has become a favorite of both the audience members and the musicians.  Thanks so everyone involved!


March 10, 2012

We joked about George, Washington being a "two hour drive". Well, no. Much further. Its dead center, Washington and draws music lovers like thirst draws souls to an oasis. Tim is particularly fond of George because he won a 25 pound bag of beans there last year and says "I've got only half of 'em left and there's a big pot o'beans and ham hock in the cooler, right now." Offering him another serving of beans has become standard hospitality. The audience was ready to listen and laugh and no small number sang along having learned our songs from the CDs they purchased last summer. They've got a great system, dinner cooked and served up by the "Georgettes" before the show and homemade goodies for all at break. They have to earn a steady income to keep their social hall open and their hospitality and exciting choices in music keep the audiences turning out. Mayor Elliott and his endearing and endlessly creative and artistic wife Debby, put us up in their gracious home. We had a wonderful jam in their home after the concert and got to meet Richard, a white haired Dobro picker with singing, soaring classic licks and the most energetic, indefatigable, inspirational middle-aged octogenarian you will ever meet. It is a paradise of kindness and musical reverie on the plains. We had adventure on the way home with every kind of weather as adversity. High winds, sleet, snow, hail and during a dry section of highway by the Ellensberg turn-off we were brought us to a dead stop in a dust storm. As Tim's 'Dust Bowl Days' says: "couldn't see your hand before your face." Very scary. Mercifully, we hit no one and no one plowed into Ollabelle the Wonder Bus either. Bus driver extraordinaire Mark earned all our respect and affection for white knuckling us safely home. Thank you to everyone who joined us on our March Madness mini-tour.  We had an amazing time!

                         This was our second trip to George, Washington and we had even more fun than last time!  Small town hospitality and enthusiasm at it's finest!


March 9, 2012

We love the legendary ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon. Tom is one of the Shaniko Shooters - gunfighters that bring merciless dread, cowboy mayhem and cautionary tales to the streets for historic reenactments – so you can imagine the love he received when he showed up in town with his banjo! After a wonderful homemade dinner presented to us by our hosts, we played in historic school house in which the 'Ghostbusters' TV show had found much ghostly psychic activity. The crowd came from miles around and included several cowboys – who actually had guns on their hips! We had a couple of the students from our earlier workshop show up to perform their song on stage with us. Dennis sang a stunning rendition of his 'My Little Brother" that was followed by what seemed like a full minute of requiem silence for lost children. Kathy held court with hugs and her signature incandescence. Tom's new song 'Shaniko' made its debut as a sing-a-long and everybody left humming the lyric: "Listen to the ghosts when the cold wind calls."

It was a Wild West night of old-fashion family entertainment and fun.  A step back into history in a town that highly values family, community, education and hospitality!  We love you Shainko!



March 9, 2012

The second stop on our March Madness Mini-Tour was at Canyon Rim Manor - where we were graciously offered a place to lay our heads for the night in exchange for entertaining the residents.  What fun we had sharing stories and getting to know the folks who make their home at this remote Assisted Living.  Would you believe they have pretty much the same staff that was working there when we stopped by THREE YEARS AGO??  That alone tells you what a wonderful place this is.  They fed us a whopping big breakfast before sending us on our way.  We're still in awe at the small town enthusiasm for our visit to the town of Maupin, Oregon.


                             We had such a wonderful time performing for and hanging out with the staff and residents at Canyon Rim Manor!



March 9, 2012

The first stop on our March Madness Mini-Tour was the schoolhouse in Maupin, Oregon.  We performed for the fourth grade (and had them tell us what instruments we were playing) and then conducted a songwriting workshop with the middle and high school music students.  This was the first time that the students actually brought their guitars, which added an entirely new element to the class.  What a creative bunch they are!  No one wanted to leave for lunch, but they finally did with their invitations to join us for our evening concert to perform the song they had written.  Our lunch was a treat at the Stonebridge Bar & Grill.  Best homemade potato chips - EVER!!

                         We love to team teach and especially enjoy it when the students are as bright and as enthusiastic as they are in Maupin, Oregon!



March 5, 2012

Kathy and Tim packed up and headed South to be "Scene in Eugene" as part of the Oregon Festival and Event Association's annual convention.  With a Hollywood theme this year it was a great excuse to get "dressed to the 9's"!  What fun to catch up with fellow entertainer friends, hear the latest in industry gossip, do some business, and enjoy what turned out to be a pretty darn good lunch for convention food!  To our delight, there was a plethora of magicians present - what a fun crowd that is!  Our thanks to Scott and Jill Ingalls for all their hard work in bringing together talent and talent buyers from around the state in such a fun and productive way.


The Hilton in Eugene, Oregon was the perfect spot for the OFEA convention with lots of room for workshops, talent shopping, and larger gatherings of attendees.  We had fun!



March 3, 2012

The Ledding Library in Milwaukie, Oregon was SRO with our people - thoughtful, intrepid, big hearted music lovers! The place was so packed folks were literally hanging from the bookshelves! There were standing jokes about which section our song references could be found in. The hour set absolutely flew by and felt like a greatest hits collection, even though several tunes came from our yet to be released 4th CD. There were moments of side splitting spontaneous laughs intermingled with Tim's signature "cautionary tales". A special treat was to have Fern, 'the cookie lady' and her best guy Lynn attend and sit in the front row. They are genuine icons of enthusiastic support for northwest bluegrass and had recently hand carried 2800 cookies to Wintergrass  - even while Fern recovered from a hospitalization. Thank You, Fern and Lynn! Bluegrass, books, laughs and sunshine all on a sunny Spring day – what could be more wonderful than that?


It's always fun to play to a packed house, and they couldn't have packed it much tighter than they did for this concert!!  Thanks so everyone who attended!



February 18, 2012

The First Presbyterian Church in Corvallis, Oregon has a stunningly gorgeous new fellowship hall with exquisite woodwork, high ceilings and live acoustics. Music absolutely comes to life in this building. We met new friends and quite a few of our kin in the Bluegrass Family from other festivals, notably the Tygh Valley Bluegrass Festival and River City. We debuted two songs from our new CD (in progress) - Tim's “Black Widow Spider and Tom's “Crossroad Haunting”. Sound creepy enough for you? It's a kind of a dark side CD with a working title of 'Lowground'. We are deeply grateful to Tim's daughter Claire and husband Kevin for bringing coffee strong enough to launch fireworks, helping with CD sales and getting the word out in town. Memories and friends, what else could we possibly be here for?





February 12, 2012

Our amazing odyssey of music has taken many turns and touched many lives from the stories we hear. The story that brought us to play  an afternoon concert at the Canby First Baptist Church is a compelling, endearing, faith testing and affirming one. Pastor Lee Wiegand has written  a series of sermons based on two of our songs: Tim's "I Ain't Afraid To Die", inspired by his own mother's last words, and Tom's "One Last Breath". Our connection to Pastor Lee is that his wife was listening to our CD - Walk Humbly - intently before she unexpectedly passed from life during her sleep. He wrote Kathy and, retracing the bread crumb trail of our lives, discovered that she had heard us at the Clackamas County Fair and signed up as a fan. We also discovered that Tom had chatted with her at their church booth by the stage. There were tears and joy and song as Pastor Lee preached for the first time since his wife Debby's death. We all felt a deep sense of kinship with these dear people in their grief and their strength. We shared their after-show pie social, and what a table of temptation and delight from chocolate cream to apple, berry, lemon meringue and peach it was. 

        This adorable little church houses some of the biggest hearts you'll ever meet.  What an amazing afternoon of love and fellowship we had with it's members!




Friday - Saturday, January 20, 21, 2012

Talk about a bus driver’s holiday! At the Oregon Fair Association Convention we were forced to stay in a spacious, well lit room with coffee, tea, chips & salsa, and killer garlic spinach dip and about 80 kindred entertainer spirits. Imagine! Forced to have a booth neighbor like Carrie Cunningham and the Six Shooters - cuddling and cooing with the most bright-eyed adorable baby you have ever made silly faces at and their “I’m going to speak French next year” daughter Lanie. Just across the aisle was our whip cracking, stilt walking, cow girl rope tricking buddy, Karen Quest and next to her were the acrobatically zany Chaos Carnival duo of Mark and Dre. Magicians, jugglers, musician buddies - yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “You call this work?!” It was a speed dating, hospitality suite marathon of mini-presentations highlighted by our “Café de la Musique” hospitality suite we shared with Carrie Cunningham and Lincoln’s Beard. How can a year beginning with this much fun be anything other than stellar?

Just a few shots from two days of a lot of fun and even more hard work!!  Speed dating, vendor booths, Tom as our token French dude for the suite and the band in action!



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